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The Link Between Mental Health Online and Website Design

At first sight, web design has nothing to do with search engine optimization, as they are standalone trades that take care of different areas of an online business. Nonetheless, they are tightly intertwined, because the layout and the functionality of a website can have a direct influence on its SEO.

The science of SEO helps websites rank high in search engines for their most relevant and most lucrative keywords. These rankings are influenced by an array of factors, as search engines calculate these scores based on hundreds of elements such as times spent on page, bounce rate and click-through rate. All these factors influenced by the design of a web page. Sometimes, even the replacing of a color with another one can boost one of the parameters, sending a signal to search engines that the page is relevant for its keywords since visitors spend so much time on it. This means they have found what they were looking for, so this page deserves a promotion in the SERPs. Online presence is what firms like Philadelphia SEO achieve with their unique process.

Responsive websites are designed with SEO and conversions in mind right off the bat. They look great on all types of mobile devices and desktop screens, but they are also optimized to attract visitors to follow the sales funnel, on click at a time, or one scroll at a time. When the design of a web page makes the reader spend two additional minutes on the website, the result can be a boost of the search rankings, had the visitors arrived from a search results page.

Getting found on the web is critical. However, it is as important what people do once they have found you. If they bounce in the first two seconds, you won’t be able to keep them closer to you and transform them into loyal fans and customers. They will come and go without doing you any good. On the contrary, if you manage to grab their attention, and lead them by the hand to your pages until the point where they sign up for a newsletter or for a special gift you have in shop for them, you can safely assume you’ve reached your goal.

All these being said, it makes sense to think about search engine optimization even from the early stages of planning a website, before one line has been drawn. This is why companies invest huge budgets in split testing campaigns, as they want to make sure they find the best performing layout for their web pages. This is also why website development is a team work. Web designers, coders, search engine marketers and SEO experts have to work closely together, for the result to be a highly converting, professionally looking website. Close cooperation between all teams is the surefire method for developing memorable websites that have the power to attract a steady flow of targeted visitors and to convert them into customers. Good things happen when web design and SEO teams work closely together.